Hello Dolly!

My name is Jennifer Craig – welcome to A Dolly Hobby!

A Dolly Hobby is the small online boutique that I own & operate here in beautiful rural Virginia. I specialize in vintage dolls & accessories. This is a one-woman show and it’s laser focused on vintage dolls!

A Dolly Hobby is a smaller part of a bigger LLC called Vault of Wonders that I own with my husband. Everything I offer at A Dolly Hobby is something from my own personal collection, or a doll that I’ve purchased out in the wild knowing that someone else will love her. I buy dolls that are in good condition and I attend to them as needed prior to reselling them. I have a “less is more” attitude when it comes to altering dolls and will typically only do a light dusting and other minor maintenance. I always restring dolls that have rotted bands or loose heads/arms/legs prior to offering them for sale.

This site is primarily focused on passing along tips and guides for other collectors through my blog. You will find my Etsy Shop featured here, and you can browse my catalog and purchase dolls directly through Etsy – meaning a secured transaction that you can trust.

My home and office environments are smoke free. I provide as much information as I can about the vintage dolls that are listed on my Etsy Shop in order to help you make the most informed decisions possible. You’ll find my policies on Etsy to be friendly and straight forward: I accept returns on everything except digital patterns, paper dolls or any other digital files I might offer.

Thanks for stopping by,

Still have questions? Contact me. I’m happy to help!